Sunday, 6 February 2011


Facebook is sucky, it allows everyone to know everything about you without asking. It's passive and passive is not good. Loads of people say like, oh it helps you keep in touch but seriously?? No. It doesn't at all, what it actually does is allow you to passively watch someone's life. Not only is that slightly creepy but it's unneccessary and at times pretty frustrating, say you want to speak to someone on chat, what's the point, you can already have a pretty good outline of their life just by scrolling the home page, and you know that the conversation is going to go something like (no matter who they are)

'how are you?'
'good thanks, how are you?'
'fine. What you up to?'

and blah blah blah you know the drill. I really don't care how you talk to me, it could be 'how many bananas have you eaten this week then?' just summin else for christs sakes. Go ahead, make people smile, doesn't even matter if it's a kind of 'ohmygodyouarefrickingcrazy' smile its better than just sitting there making mindless small talk to a computer screen.

.. also I realise how hypocritical this is because I'm kind of broadcasting this via computer but I don't think many people look at my bloggery soo I feel I can say what I like :) its good maan. I must say actually if you don't have a blog do try it out, it's a lot freer than facebook, for reasons I can't fathom xx


  1. personally loving this rant haha :) was thinking the same thing a moment ago but more of a little grrr not a huge shout out

  2. Hello Izzy. I think Izzy is the correct shortened spelling of your name not Issy as Mrs Wey would write. But I digress. I have followed your blog and I think it is really marvellous so I have decided to set up my own blog. It ahs been great to see what you are up to. I also agree with you about facebook. miss you lots xx